Search Trends Chart Generator vs. Search Trends Table Generator

Today, we’ll discuss the difference of Search Trends Chart Generator and Search Trends Table Generator. Even though they’re two similar tools, their usage areas may differ. 

Let’s say you’re an owner of a website, dedicated to cinema. And you want to search for some directors using these tools and get insights. We’ll show you where and how to use them with an example. 

Directors: Christopher Nolan, Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock, David Fincher 

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    Search Trends Chart Generator vs. Search Trends Table Generator

    How to use Search Trends Chart Generator

    1. Enter your keywords
    2. Set time period
    3. Choose the country
    4. Click on “Get the race chart”
    5. Customize your chart 
    6. Get the embed code

    Search Trends Chart Generator provides valuable insights for content creation. However, you may want to use this tool more specifically to engage your audience. How? For example, you can prepare result videos related to your industry for your YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok accounts. It may attract your target audience. 

    Race charts can easily create excitement. Therefore, viewers want to watch the video to the end. Besides, this is good for the viewing rates.

    In addition, the tool provides an embed code. After customizing the chart, you can embed this code into your relevant blog content. Visualizing data helps readers to grasp the topic matter better.

    Check out PEMAVOR’s renewable energy sources comparison video on YouTube as an example.

    By analyzing the results, you can take action for your business accordingly. You can predict the next steps due to the ups and down of the chart. Therefore, you can add new blog topics to your editorial calendar. And this will positively support your SEO efforts.

    Use case: 

    We typed keywords, set the date range from Jan. 1 to Jun. 26, 2023, and picked the country as worldwide. 

    In the first place, if you’re a cinephile, watching these kinds of race charts can create excitement.

    As Tarantino and Nolan go head-to-head on Search Trends, David Fincher jumps forward and backslide end of the February. Why? Let’s search his name on Google around these dates to satisfy our curiosity. According to search results, Brad Pitt presented David Fincher with the Honorary César (Cesar Awards in France) on February 24, 2023. That’s our reason.

    However, lately, Nolan is in charge of search trends again. Because the movie, the story of the life of American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, will be released on July 21. Oppenheimer is considered to be the father of the nuclear bomb. A well-written piece could be a blast, covering the origins of the bomb, Oppenheimer’s life, and Nolan’s latest film. Furthermore, you can also use this results in your article by embedding code. Shortly, it’s up to your industry and creativity for what purpose you’ll use the tool. 

    Highlight: We analyzed how situations and discourses influenced the search trends of Turkish Presidential candidates before 2023 elections. For detail, click on “Turkiye’s upcoming elections Google Search Trends Chart insights“.

    How to use Search Trends Table Generator

    1. Enter your keywords
    2. Choose the country
    3. Click on “Analyze Google Trends”
    4. Customize your table
    5. Get your embed code

    Search Trends Table Generator visualize search trends in table form. It provides graphs of the ups and downs of searches over time. Besides, you can also examine the change rates of search trends weekly, monthly, and yearly. Therefore, you can develop a holistic content strategy.

    Use case: 

    Searching director’s names with burning dates on Google helps explain why they were heavily searched. Any event, a new movie or an award of news can effect the search trends

    • Creating content about directors and their movies with a high search trend may drive more website traffic.
    • If a director gains popularity during specific periods, posting content on those times may increase traffic. Besides, it’s also good idea to use this data for social media. Posting about directors may bring more users.
    • The tool’s results may help you understand your audience’s search intent. Sure, targeted content will engage your reader.

    Analysis also helps to enhance overall business strategies. For example, your company may develop products or services based on popular director or movies. Else? You may consider advertising or sponsoring opportunities.

    Highlight: We used the tool to predict which electric car may surpass the Tesla Model 3 in German search trends. Click on “Electronic car models: Who will catch the Tesla Model 3 in DE Market?” to read more.

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