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Long Tail Keyword Creator

Finding the best keywords for your website or online store is one of the many challenges facing businesses. Keywords determine what your company, store, products are known for. To drive traffic, sales and ROI it is essential to know which relevant keywords should lead to your site.

Keyword research isn’t only about finding keywords to get visitors to your website, but about finding the right keywords to attract the right visitors. Your keywords need to match searcher intent as much as possible. In other words, keywords can help match your website to visitors by showing them you offer exactly what they are looking for.

To make your pages appear for particular queries and help more people find your site you should use the right keywords. Do not waste your time by randomly plugging in what you think might work. Use our innovative Keyword Topic Builder tool to build topics with relevant long-tail keywords, autocomplete from Google, Bing and Youtube to find out what the users are searching for.

With our expertise in SEA and SEO, we understand your need to expand your business in digital marketing and offer you our Keyword Topic Builder tool totally free.

By using Keyword Topic Builder tool you will build topics with relevant long-tail keywords which are meant to help guide search engines. These keywords are more descriptive and target customers who are further into the purchasing process, because they know exactly what they are looking for.

While searching the keywords It is important to consider keywords with its level of competition and how often it is searched. Whatever your reason, you want to know which keywords are used in the most common searches with in the scope of your topic. Keyword Topic Builder helps you find out what the users are searching for and build up topics with relevant long-tail keywords. The tool is not using only Google but also Bing and Youtube.

With our user friendly, innovative, tool you can save your topic list or download. You will easily visualize, organize and export keyword clusters to start building your topic for SEO and SEA.