Keyword Topic Builder

Most competitive keyword search results aren’t out of reach anymore.

  • Free keyword tool
  • Autocomplete from Google, Bing and YouTube
  • Save for later or download now
  • Assists in building topics for SEO and SEA

How to use Keyword Topic Builder

1) Enter your data

Once you have opened the tool, enter your keyword(s) to start building your topic and select a Deutsche or English. Then click on “Suggest Keywords.” You’ll get the results in a few seconds.

2) Choose your keywords

The frequency of keywords sorts the topic by most user requests. You can create a new group to collect your topic ideas. The same applies to the keywords section. Collect your keywords under your topic lists and download your list.

What does Keyword Topic Builder Tool do?

With Keyword Topic Builder Tool, you can create an accurate keyword list based on your potential client’s search intentions.

Find keywords from Google, Bing, and YouTube

When searching for keywords, it’s important to consider keywords with their level of competition and how often they’re searched. Whatever the reason, you want to know which keywords are most searchable in your company. Keyword Topic Builder helps you find out what users are searching for and builds topics with relevant long-tail keywords. You can use the program not only for Google, but also for your Bing and YouTube analyses.

Save for later or download now

Keyword Topic Builder is a handy tool that gives you an overview of the competition, keyword performance, and other important data. Simply type the words you’re looking for and get a list of search terms that people are using to search for it. With our user-friendly and innovative tool, you can save or download your topic list. The information is helpful if you’re searching for a keyword you want to focus on to improve your website.

Assists in building topics for SEO and SEA

Keyword topics help businesses get known among search engines as well as rank higher in organic search. After creating your keyword list, you’ll easily visualize, organize and export keyword clusters to start building your topic for SEO and SEA. For example, if you search for “German Garden Design” on Google, which topics do you see on the first page? So Keyword Topic Builder shows you a list based on what you’re trying to rank for.

Why is keyword research important?

Finding the best keywords for your website or online store is one of the biggest challenges of running a digital business. Keywords determine what your company, store, and products are known for. Want to drive traffic, sales, and increase ROI? So, you should know what relevant keywords can lead your website. Keyword research isn’t only about finding keywords to get visitors to your website, but also about finding the right keywords to attract the right visitors. Your keywords need to match search intent as much as possible. Let’s suppose some users are looking for something about your business in a search engine. With the right keywords, your website will be closer to the top. That is, keywords can help match your website to your visitors’ search intents.

Why should you use Keyword Topic Builder?

Save your time

Use the right keywords to make your pages appear for specific queries and help more people find your page. Don’t waste your time by randomly typing in what you think might work. Use our innovative Keyword Topic Builder tool to create topics with relevant keywords that are autocomplete from Google, Bing, and YouTube to find what users are looking for.

Find long-tail keywords

The Keyword Topic Builder Tool allows you to create topics with relevant long-tail keywords. We’re sure that it’ll help you guide search engines. These keywords are more descriptive and target customers who are about to buy because they know exactly what they’re looking for, so find and analyze many relevant long tail keywords for free.

Benefits of keywords topic builder

  • It helps you reach the target audience that is really interested in your content, which means you can find the keywords through Keyword Topic Builder that your target audience’s search intent.
  • The more strategically you have built Keyword Topic Builder into your content marketing, the more qualified traffic you get.
  • Keyword Topic Builder also provides data on consumer behavior and trends.
  • It also saves time to focus on a topic that you think will work.