Keyword N-Gram Analyzer

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Ngram analyzer created by PEMAVOR

Analyze your keywords by n-Grams in seconds

  • FREE ONLINE TOOL for SEO and PPC – count words within large keyword lists in seconds
  • Paste up to 100.000 Keywords together with related KPIs (optional)
  • Get N-Gram Analysis in seconds
  • Use results for negative keywords in google ads or new SEO niche patterns

How does the N-Gram Analyzer work?

1) Paste your data

The first column has to contain the text that should be split into single words. Add additional columns with numeric KPIs and the are aggregated automatically by the created n-Grams.

2) Download the full N-Gram Analysis

After some seconds your n-Gram analysis should be ready. If you provided e.g. a full list of keywords with some KPIs the resulting output file provides you the frequencies by singles words as well as their grouped KPI data.

3) Deeper Analysis in Excel

If you want to look at some calculated KPIs like Conversion Rate, Click through Rate or Value Per Click just import the .csv output file of your free n-Gram tool to Excel and go on with some deeper data analysis in e.g. Excel.

How to use N-Gram analysis for SEO and PPC

Map performance data to single words of your keywords

Our free only tool will not only provide word counts to your provided keywords but also aggregations to any other metric you are providing in your keyword data. Interesting performance mappings are e.g. the keyword search volume if you are searching for SEO niche keywords. In PPC you should look at your cost and also conversion data mapped to every single word. Especially when you have large sets of keywords n-Gram mappings will show you new groupings of your keywords that were hidden before.

Find new money keyword topics for SEO and PPC

One of the best ways to find SEO money keywords is to use the available search query data of your PPC accounts. By doing that you are able to get conversion rate numbers for ngram topics as well as search impressions. A great niche in SEO should not only have low competition but also great conversion rates. By just looking at inaccurate keyword search volume data of your SEO keyword tools you can’t tell anything about the real value of your SEO traffic.

Find negative keywords for your PPC Campaign

What works for extracting new money keywords is also great for extracting really bad search patterns. This problem appears where often in PPC campaigns and hurts because you are paying for each of them. As a solution for that problem you can use bad performing n-Grams and add them as negative keywords. You can use this approach for identifying negative keywords for amazon and also google ads or bing and save a lot of money right away.

Where else can you use N-Gram Analysis?

The most obvious use case for applying n-Gram Analysis are focused on search queries and keywords. This is also our focus why we published this free ngram tool. If you are creative you will find a lot of other text strings in SEO and PPC that can be analyzed in this way. Here are some ways I used N-Gram mappings in the past.

SEO: N-Grams on Sitemap URLs

What is your competitors content strategy? A very quick approach is to fetch your competitors sitemap and analyze the urls by n-Grams. The idea is that the most important keywords and topics are part of the url. By counting word appearances it will give you a quick overview of the keyword strategy.

SEO: N-Grams on website titles

The website title is very important for your resulting Click Through Rate when the are shown on google search result page. By analyzing CTR values by titles you will find good and bad practices within your existing website. Important: Don’t forget to normalize the CTR of your results by position.

PPC: N-Grams for Ad Copy Titles

A/B Testing of Ad Copies is one of the most important tasks of PPC managers. Very often you struggle with low sample sizes and tests need a lot of time to significant. When analyzing N-Grams on your Ad Copies you are able to search for good and bad elements regarding your CTR. This helps for defining new promising text variants for your testing.