Sitemap Content Analyzer

Compare website content

Enter the sitemap urls of the websites you want to compare and get content comparisons in seconds

SEO Content Gap Analysis

Detect missing keyword topics your competitors are covering.

Analyze SEO content strategies

N-Gram analysis on page titles give you the most important keyword topics.

Sitemap N-gram Analyzer Results

How to use sitemap content analyzer tool

1) Paste a sitemap link

Simply enter your sitemap URL first. If you want to compare your results with your competitors, enter the sitemap URL as well. Then click on “Analyze N-grams.” In a few seconds, you’ll see your comparison results. You will find the sitemap url normally inside the

2) Check your results

You can see the N-gram results of the sitemap with counting and frequency data, as well as diagrams under the “Comparison of two websites” section to help you understand your content strategies better.

3) Analyze competitors’ content

With our free tool, you can quickly analyze your competitors to compare yourself with them. Then, you’ll find interesting gaps where you can add additional content to your site. Instead of scraping every page of your competitor, using the sitemap is a very quick alternative.

Benefits of sitemap content analyzer tool

Analyze your competitor’s content

The tool gives you valuable insights into your competitor’s content strategy. Thanks to data, you’ll find ideas on how to improve the content of your website. To evaluate your competitor’s content in seconds, you can try Sitemap Content Analyzer for free.

Compare your content with competitors

After you get a list of keywords that your competitors have used, you get comparison results. It would be great to take note of the results that are most beneficial for your site, which means you can see where their content is doing well and where there is potential for improvement to your site.

Find content gaps in your website

Sitemap Content Analyzer helps you see the most powerful content by comparing your sitemap with your competitors. As a result, you may find new content topic opportunities for your site that can rank higher in SEO. Also, finding content gaps can help you improve existing content on your site.

Python Status Code Checker for XML-Sitemap

You can easily automate your monitoring routines for SEO yourself with our Python script solutions. They range from clustering keywords into topics by using SERP results, comparing the content of two websites on N-gram level, to SEO content analysis for your competitor and building automated audits with Slack + Python.


With this script, you can easily:

1) Fetch and parse your sitemaps

2) Loop over found URLs and check their status codes.

3) Then, feel free to export the results to a CSV file.