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Which Autosuggest Keyword Sources are used?

The most common autocomplete source are keyword suggestions from google search. But there is more than that! With our free scraper tool you are able to select also the autocomplete suggestions of youtube, google shopping and google news. If you want to get more insights in the different search intents of the user you should have a look at all autocomplete sources. Our smart approach for showing search intent ngrams will give you those insights right away.

Google Search Autosuggest

This source is our default keyword source and the best way to start your keyword research. You normally find all kind of search intents in those queries: informational, commercial, navigational and transactional.

Youtube Autosuggest

When users are searching on youtube their search intent is different. You will find less transactional but more informational search suggestions and less transactional.

Google Products Autosuggest

The google shopping keyword suggestions have commercial and transactional nature when it comes to search intent. This is a great source when you are searching for product keywords you want to use for your ppc campaigns.

Google News Autosuggest

You want to add some hot trending aspects to your content? Google News Autosuggest is a great source for this. The keyword suggestions will be very different compared to the other sources.

How to identify search intent signal words within keyword suggestions?

We searched for an easy way to provide you different search intents for your autosuggest results. We are not able to classify the different types of search intents – the focus is on extracting the signal words to provide you an easy way to browse and understand the huge keyword lists in a more focused way.

Create and Count N-Grams of Keyword Suggestions

More important words will occur more often in the keyword suggestions. But wait: If we just create ngrams without further cleaning the most frequent words will be highly biased from the seed keywords. We have to get rid of that part to only consider signal words in combination with the seed keywords.

Narrow down search intents with set operations

We realized that the results after the first cleaning step were already good but we went one step further: We only show ngram signal words to you that appeared across multiple seed keywords. This means of course that you should provide more than one input keyword to enable search intent extraction.