Product Keyword Extractor

You can insert up to 50 product brand names

Extract product keywords from google autosuggest

  • FREE ONLINE TOOL – paste your product brands and get matching product searches
  • Insert up to 100 of your product keywords
  • Get new long-tail keywords for your products and use it for SEO and PPC Campaigns

How does the Product Keyword Tool work?

1) Paste the brand names for your products

Add up to 50 brand names of your products. Based on that input we are searching within the autocomplete suggestions for relevant niche product keywords.

2) Download Product Long-Tail Keywords

In the output file you will find one column with your provided brand names and one new column that contains the product keywords that are most relevant for the given brand.

What does the perfect product niche keyword look like?

The niche keyword is short but specific

The keyword should directly point to a product and should be as short as possible to catch most of the variations of that keyword niche. In some cases the keywords can point to different products in theory but they are used by the users mainly to search for exactly one product. Those cases are also good long-tail keywords.

Keyword does not contain brand names

Adding the brand names of your products as phrase or broad keyword to your PPC Campaign is easy. For that reason you will run into high competition because a lot of keywords are involved in these auctions. If you find product keywords that do not contain any brand identifier you found normally a low competition niche.

You can’t derive the keyword from product feeds

If it is easy to derive keywords directly from your feed master data probably everybody is able to do that. Competition will be high again. Luckily the user search in a different way than they are listed in a product catalog – which gives as some good nice keywords that will be difficult to copy.