Understand search queries to optimize your PPC performance

  • Don’t waste your budget for irrelevant search queries
  • Understand what your customers are searching for
  • Clean your traffic from poor close variant matches

Data Science Supported PPC Optimization

PhraseOn lets you optimize your negative keywords with a single click. You only need a browser and Ads account. Simply import your search query reports and enjoy the power of automation and data science. PhraseOn analyzes your Ads data to let you negate queries where necessary.

Detect close variants, misspellings, and compound words

When it comes to blocking search queries, Google is really strict. A broad match negative in singular is not likely to cover its plural form. When you discover a poor N-Gram, you need to block all these close variants to avoid wasting your budget. PhraseOn lets you see bad performing close variants in a simple way.

Get automated negative keyword lists

PhraseOn actively looks for new search patterns by analyzing your negative keywords. These patterns are usually semantic similars and close variants to find new negative keyword opportunities.

Analyze N-Grams instead of full queries

By simply looking at full search queries, it’s not easy to find N-Grams as you have huge data. PhraseOn presents you N-Gram lists to come up with N-Gram negatives. Now simply block future and unseen queries that share the same pattern.

Understand the semantic of a word

PhraseOn makes use of machine learning models to look for semantically similar words. Say you just found a negative, PhraseOn suggests additional words with the same meaning, so you can set new negative keywords with the same search intent.

Cluster search patterns based on entity recognition

You can tag your query set with PhraseOn. Aggregating search terms by found entities will show you a new perspective with higher sample size clusters even compared to the n-Gram approach.

Get simulation of your savings

PhraseOn presents you a simulation of your negative keyword list and savings before publishing to your Ads account with an API.

How PhraseON Works

Start Negativating

You do not have to change your current setup to use PhraseOn.

Use your existing account structure

Use in addition to your existing PPC toolset

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