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You are no longer in control of which queries you spend your budget for!

The more queries Google matches to advertiser’s keywords the more money Google earns. Google made a lot of changes to force more inaccurate matches. Furthermore they are hiding information for which queries you are paying for.

The newest changes like close variant matches, hiding search terms in reports and changes in keyword match types are the most known ones.

Matching Quality over time
Matching Quality over time
Close Variants get more fuzzy over time. Google is forcing this heavily.
Close Variants bring poor traffic
Close Variants bring poor traffic
Poor Close Variant Matches do not convert that well.

Close Variant Matches

The idea of close variants may sound great first: Existing Keywords are able to cover misspellings and typos, etc. This is great for covering these search terms without the need of adding additional keywords to your account. However the reality looks not that bright: Google is controlling the definition of “Close”. This means that translations, abbreviations or semantic similar search terms are matched, too. Whenever Google is changing the algorithm in its matching, the traffic quality will change.

Hiding Search Terms

To worsen things up, Google is hiding search queries from you. In other words: Google is sending you poor traffic by matching close variants, but they are hiding a big percentage of those queries. The reaction of advertisers where quite harsh on this change – as a reaction Google increased the reported queries by 6-7 times. Most of them had zero clicks – nothing changed on the hidden queries where you spend your money at. You can quickly analyze what it means for your accounts with our Close Variant Analyzer.

Changes in Keyword Match types

Even when you use granular account structures like SKAGs with exact match types you are in trouble now. Even for exact keywords you end up paying for queries that are not even close to your keyword. One big problem is the understanding of semantics: On a global level a match might look semantic similar. When you know your business it is often not similar at all.

Take back control of your Google Ads search terms with PhraseOn!

PhraseOn lets you optimize your negative keywords with a single click. You only need a browser and Ads account. Simply import your search query reports and enjoy the power of automation and data science. PhraseOn analyzes your Ads data to let you negativate queries where necessary.

N-Gram Analysis of PPC Queries
Analyze your Search Terms by N-Grams. Tag your Queries with Entities or add them directly as negative keyword

Analyze N-Grams instead of full queries

Use N-Grams instead of looking at complete queries! It will increase sample size and it will enable you to make stable data driven decisions. But it gets even better: Using single words as negative keywords, it will maximize the blocking of future and unseen queries that share the same pattern. Assign n-grams to entities easily to better understand the nature of your traffic and get aggregated performance numbers on larger groups.

PhraseOn is able to use all the Conversion Actions available in your account. This empowers you to analyze the search patterns also on micro conversions. The huge advantage of this approach: If you have 20 clicks on queries that contain a specific word you can’t judge on transactions. If you use micro conversions instead, for example if no one of those 20 clicks stayed longer than 20 seconds on your website, you can bet this traffic is unwanted noise.

Detect close variants, misspellings, and compound words

When it comes to blocking search queries, Google is really strict. A broad match negative in singular is not likely to cover its plural form. When you discover a poor n-gram, you need to block all these close variants to avoid wasting your budget.

PhraseOn shows you close variants of n-grams you already identified as noise. We are using the same Natural Language Processing technologies Google is using to match close variants – of course in the opposite way.

Entity Enrichment with Close Variants
We use the same technologies like Google to understand similar words. This will increase your negative keyword list drastically.

Classify your Search Traffic Using Entity Lists

Build logical groups of words and get detailed performance metrics for those subsets. We can automatically import and synchronize e.g. your product data feeds to fill entity lists for product brands, categories or product attributes like size or color.
Sometimes you want to exclude that traffic from generic search campaigns or dynamic search ads. It is also great for query sculpting within Google Shopping.

Of course you can also start with logical groups like competitor names or products/categories you do not cover on your website. Don’t waste your money for poor performing traffic like that.

Combine this with PhraseOn’s capability of enriching those items with close variants traffic routing gets easy and fully automated.

Negative keyword lists
Tailor your campaign optimization with custom negative lists. Gain control and precision to maximize the impact of your ads while minimizing costs.

Custom Control with Tailored Negative Lists

Take control of campaign optimization with negative lists. These custom lists sync seamlessly with your Google Ads account, intensifying your management efficiency instantly. Besides, you can choose exactly where to apply negativationa single account or multiple ones. Therefore, target your ads precisely where search patterns will generate the most impact. Make your Google Ads more cost-effective with the custom negative lists.

AI-Powered Entity Enhancement

Expand your entity lists to reach relevant search patterns. How? The answer is PhraseOn’s built-in AI features. Our platform handles the complexities for your business, so you can focus on what really matters – growing your reach and ROI. Why settle for limited search patterns when you can optimize for the entire opportunity? Benefit from artificial intelligence and boost your entities. PhraseOn will allow you to clearly see the bad performing and irrelevant search patterns and easily add them to your negative keyword list. Now, switch to our powerful tool and experience seamless, smart campaign optimization.

Entity enhancement
AI-powered entity enhancement broadens your search patterns, allowing you to tap into the full potential of your campaigns for enhanced reach.

Informed Choices with Outcome Prediction

Wisely decide when managing entities and potential automation rules. PhraseOn provides you with estimated budget savings and conversion cutoffs before you negativate. You don’t need to take risks anymore – see the impact of your choices before you make them. Every action you take is fine-tuned for maximum return on investment and minimum waste. Lift your Google Ads strategy with the predictable insights you’ve always needed but never had—until now.

See your estimated budget savings and conversion cutoffs before you negativate.
See your estimated budget savings and conversion cutoffs before you negativate.

Effortless Management via Automated Negativation

Why manually work when you can automate for efficiency? With PhraseOn, you can automate your negativation tasks based on pre-defined rules that match your unique performance metrics. Besides, setting custom rules not only simplifies your workload but also allows you spot-on targeting. No more wasted ad spend. No more missed opportunities and no more manual workflow. Instead, spend your valuable time on strategic decisions.

Automate your negativation tasks based on pre-defined rules that match your unique performance metrics.
Automate your negativation tasks based on pre-defined rules that match your unique performance metrics.

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We own everything when it comes to Negative Keyword Management in Google Ads. We think every account should have a centralized process for adding negative keywords in a data driven way. Especially when working together in larger teams this is crucial for staying transparent.


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