Find your SEO money keywords and identify where and how you have chances to rank

  • How can you group keywords into keyword topics?
  • What is the next best content you should publish to your website to drive valuable SEO Traffic?
  • How to improve existing content pages to outperform your better ranking competitors?
  • PhraseON will give you the right answers by applying machine learning and natural language processing to SEO.


Multiple Keyword Sources

Easy API access to Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Ads. Import data from any other source by CSV uploads. Get more insights by using all available data.

Keyword Clustering

Think in keyword topics! Keyword Clustering will identify new keyword groupings on large keyword sets. You can use them to write holistic content pages.

N-Gram Analysis

N-Gram Analysis will help to discover large keyword sets quickly. They work great in combination with keyword clustering techniques to understand the main ideas in your keywords.

Entity Recognition

If you really want to own a topic you should know all of the used vocabulary. Our entity management provides you a sophisticated solution for that to tag all of your keywords in a detailed level.


Competitor Benchmarking

How does the content look like for the successful ranking web pages? What is the gap to your own content pages? By knowing these answers you can optimize your content right away.

Clustering of SERP results

Which queries belong together from a google ranking perspective? Whenever multiple pages in the SERPs appear together for different queries we can group them together. Clusters that are very general are possibly niche topics.

Clustering of existing content assets

How does your status quo of your content pages look like regarding keyword topics? Are there keyword cannibalizations between different pages that should be resolved? Where can internal linking be improved?

Suggest new keywords for existing content

Based on the existing content phraseOn shows you additional keywords that match to your content page. Make an holistic web page incrementally better to cover related user searches.


SERP Tracking on Page / Topic Level

When you are working on new keyword topics or improve existing ones you want to track your results. PhraseOn is checking the SERP rankings for your keyword topics over time

Google Analytics KPIs on Topic Level

Map additional KPIs from Google Analytics to your SEO pages to track different definitions of success. Add information about transactional KPIs to your website pages instead of looking just at the traffic volume.

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