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The top tools for PPC fraud blocking in 2024

We’re in 2024 and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) fraud is still a big concern. These deceptive practices drain advertising budgets and falsify campaign analytics.  Such a nightmare. Right? However, as fraudsters develop new tactics, marketeers will come up with stronger tools to stop fake clicks on ads.  Well-spent budgets, real clicks and…

PPC Posts You May Have Missed This Month, January 2024

PPC Basics
Missed the latest PPC trends? Catch up with January’s top picks. On this post How to optimize paid ads for ecommerce with long sales cycle — Blue Ox Digital Does it matter to track micro-conversions in e-commerce? Optimizing paid ads for e-commerce with long sales cycles involves using micro-conversions. These…

PPC Posts You May Have Missed This Month, November 2023

PPC Basics
Don’t miss out on the latest trends and insights that could redefine your digital marketing strategies. On this post How to create a killer content personalization strategy for B2B sales by Marin If you don’t deeply understand your audience, how can you boost B2B sales through personalized content? Actually, how…

The next big thing: how to train your custom ChatGPT

AI in Business
It’s time to level up with custom ChatGPT.  Thanks to AI technology, we can move beyond generic strategies with sky-high personalization. For businesses, it means crafting unique, effective marketing strategies tailored to customer needs. This update of OpenAI could change the way brands connect with customers, which would be a…