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Deep Dive Newsletter December 2022

Subscribe | Navigate to Topic: Google Click ID | Microsoft Click ID | PPC Posts You May Have Missed | PhraseON-PPC at its best! Google Click ID (GCLID) Full Guide: How to bring GCLID Offline Conversions to your Google Ads Account Did you know that conversions can also happen offline? After…

PPC Posts You May Have Missed This Month, December 2022

PPC Basics
We present some of the most important PPC articles and blog posts you may have missed in December 2022. Whether you’re a PPC veteran or a newcomer to the field, this post will give you a quick overview of the latest trends in the world. We hope it helps you…

Deep Dive Newsletter November 2022

Subscribe | Navigate to Topic: SEO SEA PhraseON-PPC at its best! SEO Google Analytics 4 in Europe—What’re the risks and the potentials? The additional privacy controls are a significant improvement to mitigate the compliance risk associated with using GA3. Companies using the tool now have more privacy controls which allow…

Fetch GCLID from Google Ads API

On This Page The Google Ads API helps export GCLIDs that are not accessible in the Google Ads interface. Using the Google Ads API reports, you can easily obtain the GCLIDs of those who clicked on your ads and use them to improve the efficiency of your campaigns and ads.…