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Semantic Keyword Clustering in Python

Python in PPC / SEO, SEO Tools
I already shared some clustering approaches using TF-IDF Vectorizer for grouping keywords together. This works great for grouping keywords together that share the same text strings but you are not able to group by meaning and semantic relationships. One way to deal with semantics is building up e.g. word2vec models…

Stefan Neefischer’s Newsletter February 2021

Subscribe | Navigate to Topic: SEO SEA Display SEO Python Script: SEO Content Analysis of your competitor Analyzing the content of your competitors can provide you with valuable insights about your own operations and goals. This basic Python script can give you information on n-Grams in seconds. If you want…

Free Online Tool: Group Your SEO Keywords Into Topics

SEO Tools
We already shared a Python Keyword Grouping Script some weeks ago and get some great feedback for it. If you struggle with Python Programming but still want to use this approach I have good news for you! In this post I will describe how to use our free online grouping…

N-Gram Analysis on Keyword Planner Data

PPC Tools, SEO Tools
You can discover interesting search patterns for your SEO strategy by analyzing n-Grams in big keyword lists. Here is a real life example of how easy and fast it can be done. This will be short how-to on applying n-Gram analysis on search queries extracted from Google keyword planner. The…

Free SERP Ranking Checker for 100 Keywords Per Day

SEO Audit Scripts, SEO Tools
Check the SERP Rankings for 100 keywords per day with Google Custom Search Engine + App Script and save the results to Google Sheets. Schedule it for daily runs and you get a fully automated solution – Totally FREE!Get your free Spreadsheet Copy here. Scrape the Google SERPs for your…

Google Dropped Modified Broad – What Does It Mean?

Google Ads Optimization
Google made a recent announcement in their post “Making it easier to reach the right customers on Search”. But did the changes really make it easier and more profitable? Here are my notes on what Google’s announcement really means. Google wants to make more money out of 15% of the…