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The Rise of Python since 2004

Google Trends
Which Programming Language you should learn? In these days you will find a lot of new code examples of Python solutions for marketing areas like SEO or PPC. When you are interested in becoming a data scientist you are probably pick Python to start with because there are so many…

How to build a User-based Content Recommendation System for your Website with BigQuery (ML)

Content Recommendations Example Build a great website experience for your customer’s real journey. Alternatively, don’t wait them to return to your website: Send the recommendations per e-mail or integrate them into your product. Ensure your leads to come back and engage with your product or service. I Offering content recommendations…

Stefan Neefischer’s Newsletter March 2021

Subscribe | Navigate to Topic: SEO BigQuery ML Display SEO Python Script: Google Autosuggest Trends for Niche Keywords You like Google Trends but you are disappointed that it does not work well for Long Tail Keywords? Then keep on reading and use this Python Script to build your own “Google…

Predicting Covid Cases using Google Trends on Symptoms

Google Trends
I realized by my own that it takes quite a while if a positive covid test result makes it into the official numbers. You start with symptomsYou check where and when to test for corona – it will take some days before the test is madeYou wait for the test…