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Consent Mode V2 Implementation using GTM and Klaro

User data is undoubtedly an important resource that formulates marketing strategies for all brands. However, no matter how valuable this data is, organizations and brands must comply with international laws when collecting data. For this reason, the Consent Mode feature offered by Google for data collection enables website and application…

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PPC Basics
Discover the latest trends, updates, and actionable strategies for marketers — from innovations to case studies, this guide is your shortcut to staying ahead in PPC. On this post How Google Search Generative experience is impacting ads — Search Engine Land Source: SEJ How Google’s Search Generative Experience is reshaping…

IP2Location: IP lookup with detailed geolocation

An online bookstore can suggest books based on your local weather conditions—cozy mysteries during a snowstorm or adventurous tales on a sunny day. How does a website know exactly where you are and show spot-on offers? By magic? Digital wizardry is what we call sophisticated technologies. Having IP information unlock…

The top tools for PPC fraud blocking in 2024

We’re in 2024 and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) fraud is still a big concern. These deceptive practices drain advertising budgets and falsify campaign analytics.  Such a nightmare. Right? However, as fraudsters develop new tactics, marketeers will come up with stronger tools to stop fake clicks on ads.  Well-spent budgets, real clicks and…

PPC Posts You May Have Missed This Month, January 2024

PPC Basics
Missed the latest PPC trends? Catch up with January’s top picks. On this post How to optimize paid ads for ecommerce with long sales cycle — Blue Ox Digital Does it matter to track micro-conversions in e-commerce? Optimizing paid ads for e-commerce with long sales cycles involves using micro-conversions. These…