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Discover bad google display placements in seconds!

  • FREE ONLINE TOOL – paste your placements and discover new negative placements
  • Paste up to 50.000 Placements together with related KPIs (optional)
  • Group by IP Address: Multiple Fraud Placements often run on the same server
  • If you can approve one placement as spam block all the other ones running on the same IP

How does the IP Grouping of placements work?

1) Paste your placements

Add up to 50.000 of your placements. The more placements you provide the more powerful the grouping results will be. After some seconds your enriched placement report is ready.

2) Download IP enriched placements

In the output file you will find a new column that contains the IP Address of the placement. We only add placements to the results that share at least on IP Address with one of your other placements.

3) Pivot Data in Excel

Now look at the resulting clusters and give them a final review before blocking them. A good approach is to join your performance data to this list and look at CTRs and CRs grouped by IP Address.

Why the grouping discovers a lot negative placements?

Shared Hosting is cheap – so is the placement quality?!

Would you run an expensive dedicated server for a thin website that is stuffed with ads? Probably not. You will choose a cheap hosting package instead, where you are sharing an IP Address with lots of other domains. Virtual Hosts are something between, still affordable and you can run a lot of your websites under your own IP. For that reason the results of the IP grouping will show you AdSense farms that belong to one person/organization or at least a very low tech and low budget website.

Check your performance by IP

If you group your placement performance data by IP Address the numbers get bigger right away and you can make better decisions right away: Maybe you have already enough data to judge on conversions – great! If not you can look at CTR anomalies, if the CTR is a way above average, then you will get poor traffic in most of the cases. You can also manually check some placements per IP. If you find mostly bad placements get rid of all placements that are found under this IP Address.

How can you further improve your placements?

The IP Grouping tool only covers one attribute of GDN placements, that can be used for classifying AdSense placements. If you are interested in more approaches for optimizing your placements please have a look here.

If you already like this small tool here you will love our big even more powerful tool for display optimization. This is our machine learning approach for scoring placements using a powerful prediction model based on multiple smart attributes.