How to do n-gram analysis of Search Console Queries

N-grams basically tell us how many times a word or a sequence are repeated in our keyword list. With n-gram data, you’ll be able to optimize your content strategy by understanding the most popular and repetitive set of keywords in your Google Search Console (GSC) data. For example:

cheap flight ticket to Germany” and “cheap plane ticket to Germany” are practically the same queries with the same intent. But Google doesn’t rank websites in the same order, so it’s important to decide which terms to focus on by analyzing your own GSC data.

In this post, I’m going to explain how to do n-gram analysis for your GSC data with our free Keyword N-gram Analyzer tool.

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    How to do N-Gram analysis of Search Console Queries

    Step 1: Get your data from Search Console

    First, we need data. Luckily, GSC provides Export option to Google Sheets, Excel or CSV.

    There are two approaches to get the data. You can either copy the first 500 queries of your GSC or export your data to Google Sheets.

    First approach: Copy and paste

    On your GSC panel, go to Performance tab. After setting your date and search type filter, simply copy all the data as shown below.

    copy data from search console
    GSC panel

    Second approach: Export your data to Google Sheets

    This method is more suited for you if selecting and copying data manually sounds hard.

    Go to Performance tab on left panel. There, you’ll see Export on the right-top of your page, then click on Google Sheets.

    Then you’ll get a Google Sheet filled with your GSC data. You’ll only need the Queries page, as shown below.

    copy data from sheets

    Step 2: Run the N-gram Analyzer

    Until this step, you’ve prepared your data and copied to clipboard. Now, you can run the tool by following the steps on the screenshot below.

    • First, paste your data to the left bar with CTRL + V for Windows and Command + V for Mac.
    • Select your Delimeter as Tab
    • Keep the Use Column Header Names option, and click on Analyze N-grams
    paste your data

    After you’ve clicked on Analyze N-grams, just wait a couple seconds and you’ll get your n-gram results listed.

    Step 3: Analyze or export n-gram results

    Now, you can see the results of n-gram analysis.

    By clicking on the “arrow” next to each header, you can re-order the list per category stats like clicks, count, and impressions.

    Or, you can now simply export your n-gram results as .csv file or copy to your clipboard.

    export your ngram results

    With Keyword N-gram Analyzer results, it’s now quite easy to determine winner and loser n-grams by simply making use of your GSC data.

    Key takeaways

    • Go to the Google Search Console
    • Get your data ready in tab separated format
    • Run the tool
    • Get your n-gram analysis results
    • Detect winner and loser n-grams

    Discover the hidden potential in your Google Search Console data through n-gram analysis. This way, you can focus on the terms that truly matter. If you need more help with n-gram analysis, contact us.

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