Best technical SEO tools in 2024

Every digital marketeer should know how to do a technical SEO website analysis, but manually doing it takes time and effort. Instead, using technical SEO tools to identify and quickly fix website issues that could harm search rankings would be wiser.

Technical SEO is as important as off-page or on-page SEO optimizations. The sooner you solve these technical problems, the easier you can retain website visitors. And then, you can convert them into conversions. 

Today, we provide a succinct review of the best technical SEO tools to help you make an informed decision.

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    Best technical SEO tools in 2023

    What is technical SEO?

    Technical SEO aims to optimize the back-end of a website and flag technical issues that can harm ranking chances. Therefore, search engines can effortlessly crawl and properly index your website. How fast should a website load? Are redirects OK for SEO? How to make a website more user-friendly? All of these are related to technical SEO.

    The truth is that technical SEO tools aren’t a must-have to rank in SERPs. However, these tools help improve your website’s SEO performance. What happens if you don’t use technical SEO audit tools? Manual processes are more prone to human error. Then, search engines may have difficulty crawling and indexing the site correctly. In other words, your website’s performance and online visibility may suddenly decrease.

    Let’s say your landing page is loading slowly and not mobile-friendly. Visitors will leave the website before loading the page—you lose a potential customer. Besides, broken links and recurring technical issues can lead to distrust among your target audience.

    You can audit these elements under technical SEO

    • Website speed
    • Mobile responsiveness
    • XML sitemaps
    • Robots.txt
    • URL structure
    • Structured data markup
    • Canonical tags
    • 404 pages
    • Redirects
    • Crawl errors
    • Server optimization

    Keep in mind. SEO tools are diagnostic methods. Audits your website and offers suggestions for optimization. However, some tools can instantly respond to problems they detect automatically. Even if you have set up automated processes, check the process periodically.

    SEO essentials

    The best technical SEO tools

    Be a newbie or professional in the industry. Every digital marketeer uses various SEO tools to streamline their work and maximize results. Sure, they all have their pros and cons. Their prices also vary based on their services and features.

    Discover the tools and read their user experience. Then, decide on a suitable one for your business. We have listed and briefly summarized the technical SEO tools that may interest you. 

    Screaming Frog 

    Look no further than Screaming Frog to conduct a complete site audit from response time to outlinks. This installable tool allows crawling through your website to extract on-site data, audit SEO problems, and analyze results in real-time. It has a free version with a crawl limit of 500 URLs, making it the best option for small-size companies.


    It’s one of the most popular technical SEO tools on the market. You can use it for SEO, PPC, and content marketing. This makes it an excellent choice for large-scale companies. Besides, Semrush’s Site Audit tool can analyze site performance, crawlability, link structures, and many technical parts. While all these features make it an expensive tool, Semrush offers free inspection of up to 100 web pages.

    Google Search Console

    If ranking on Google is important, what could be better than using Google’s own web service for it? And it’s completely free. GSC analyzes your URLs and informs you about indexing issues, organic performance metrics, and sitemap issues via email. It’s a direct data source, whether for existing keyword rankings or technical SEO issues.


    Another most preferred SEO tool. This cloud-based solution makes identifying technical SEO and on-page SEO issues effortless. It groups the problems by categories and reports them with graphics. You can analyze many factors, such as broken pages, external pages, duplicate pages, and status code errors. Besides, automatic scans daily, weekly, and monthly are possible. It’s excellent for large-scale companies.


    Thanks to its user-friendly interface, SEO newbies always love it. The tool journey will be much easier with comprehensive “how to use” guides. You can also control the process with filters during the SEO audit and automate these controls. If the tool encounters a serious technical error, it’ll email you, so you can take immediate action. It has a 14-day free trial.

    SE Ranking

    Are you looking for a more affordable and all-in-one SEO platform? Then, SE Ranking may be your solution. It performs in-depth SEO audits, and technical SEO is one of these controls. It’s perfect for small business owners and bloggers.

    Lumar (Formerly known as DeepCrawl)

    From test page speed, broken links, XLM sitemaps to more. The tool efficiently verifies content quality and optimizes your website for better search engine rankings. In addition, with the customized reporting feature, you can access detailed insights about your website and your competitors regarding your site structure, content, and social marketing strategies. Automated auditing is also possible.


    This platform lets you perform website audits, keyword analysis, and on-page optimization. It also offers analyzing and monitoring backlinks and monitoring search engine rankings. It’s an ideal and budget-friendly tool for people who have just entered the SEO world. With the free plan, you can crawl up to 1,000 website pages and monitor ten keywords.

    Moz Pro

    One of the industry’s leading all-in-one SEO tools is Moz Pro. It checks everything needed for technical SEO, like broken links or missing meta descriptions. It’s an ideal tool for SEO professionals who want to streamline their workflow.


    It differs from other tools with its data-centric approach. Combining SEO data with other analytics allows businesses to create informed, strategic optimization plans. OnCrawl is designed for anyone who owns a website, especially SEO professionals.


    It helps develop a holistic SEO strategy, considering technical SEO aspects and user experiences. With this tool, you can generate reports effortlessly. 

    Last but not least, improving yourself in technical SEO or hiring an SEO expert will be helpful to get the most out of these tools. Besides, you can boost your ranking game with PEMAVOR’S always-free SEO tools pack.

    Looking for customized solutions?

    If you need a more customizable technical SEO solution for your business, contact us because PEMAVOR builds unique tools and scripts that double your conversions.

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