How to update your existing content to rank higher

Your content is your chance to show Google what your business is all about. However, in the competitive digital world, it’s not so easy to stand out in search results. Sometimes, our articles don’t perform as well as we expected. Sometimes, they’re on the first page, but can suddenly slip to the back.

Here’s the deal… After we publish an article, our work isn’t done.

If we figure out how to improve our articles, we can easily become even more successful. However, manually searching for all the keywords on Google takes hours and confuses our mind. Nevertheless we can save time by using effective tools.

This is a brand-new tool from PEMAVOR to help you rank better on Google than any other content out there. Whether you want to write a new article or optimize an existing one, we’re sure this tool will help you. Today, I’m going to explain how you can update your existing article with the Content Brief tool.

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    How to use the Content Brief tool

    With this tool, you can review any content in seconds to find out what’s missing in your text or how to structure the next content. This is one of the most effective ways to improve the quality of your text, and rank better organically.

    • Open the Content Brief tool and enter your keyword for your next article. Choose your target country and language.

    Before you go to the results page, you can also see your previous results for your previous content briefs on the tool’s landing page. Just scroll down.

    • The results page provides various data with a detailed KPI view. In the first place, you’ll see the best-ranked Ngrams for your search term. The tool pulls the data from the first page of the search engine. In addition, under the Domain section, you’ll see which keywords are used on which website. You can also visit the websites directly to check more. I recommend you to visit these websites to see their content structure. This can give you insight into how to create more effective content. Based on these results, you should choose your keywords and build the content structure.

    Let’s say, our search term is “HTTP Status Code Checker”. We’re seeing “code—codes” in the first line. According to the data, the code is used by your competitors in questions, answers, suggestions, URL heading, and URL text. That’s why you should use it that way. Moreover, the Importance metric is crucial. The higher the importance of a keyword, the more important it’s to use it.

    We’ve created our article using Content Brief tool, or we’ve already published an article on our website. How can we understand how good our article is? Maybe we’re still missing some important keywords. Let’s review our existing article about the search term. So click on “Check your page content.” Paste the link to get data about your content.

    How to update your existing content to rink higher

    “In suggestion”, “in answers”, and “in questions” aren’t related to your URL. So, you need to just check “Importance”, “In URL Headline”, and “In URL Text”. If the Importance of a keyword is high and not exist in your URL Headline and URL text, you should add it to relevant places. It’ll help you rank higher on search engines. If you scroll down, you’ll get more results of more n-grams.

    How to update your existing content to rink higher
    • There’s one more feature that I really like. If you click on the eye sign, you’ll see the examples of n-grams. If you click on the Ngram sentences heading, you can get an idea of how to use code in headings. This can be helpful finding subtopics for your content.
    How to update your existing content to rink higher
    • In the end, you can export your data or share the link with your colleagues.

    Use the Content Brief tool to create the best possible content for your website and rank high in search results.

    How to write good content from scratch with Content Brief

    You can use the Content Brief tool not only to optimize your articles, but also to create content from scratch. It’s important to create well-thought-out content that adds value to the reader to rank high on search results pages. If you want to achieve a fast and error-free result in content writing as in optimization, Content Brief makes it easy for you to perform the necessary analysis. Let’s check out our article about how to write good content from scratch with Content Brief tool.

    Key takeaways

    ???? It’s important to understand that SEO isn’t a quick fix. It’s a process that takes time to be optimized. Therefore, don’t forget to analyze your articles from time to time.

    ???? The best way to make sure your content is performing well is to use a tool like Content Brief.

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