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How to create your own Search Trends Table

1) Enter Keywords and the Country

Based on your input, the data is retrieved and transformed from Google Trends. With our Chart Tool, you can check more than 5 keywords per request.

2) Customize the Trends Table

If you want to adjust the Table Columns, the Colors, or the way the fields are displayed, you can easily change various settings in a few seconds.

3) Embed the Chart into Your Own Website

When you’re ready with your table, you can export the generated HTML code for your own website.

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free Google service that shows the frequency and volume of search inputs by Google users. You can find popular searches, customer behavior, and trends within different time periods. Besides, you can search for comparative keywords, along with geographical information and search volume indexes about Google users.

Why to use Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the most effective ways to get periodic results. If you sell seasonal products, it helps you understand when to increase sales efforts for these products. You can accelerate your brand advertising efforts in this period and region. Besides, since you’ll have information about popular topics, you can create relevant content for your blog or social media accounts.

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