Electronic car models: Who will catch the Tesla Model 3 in DE Market?

What does the German market for electronic cars look like? Time to ask Google Trends. It’s not surprising that Tesla’s Model 3 is the one to beat after driving the performance model: A lot of bang for the buck.

However, which electronic car model can compete with Tesla’s model 3 in user demand? Let’s have look at search trends for the German market. The data is pulled from Google Trends. The interest is shown in an indexed way per keyword.

  • The “Tesla Model 3” is still on top—the strongest contender is “Renault Zoe”.
  • The demand for e-cars dropped with the start of corona in march 2020.
  • It seems that “Renault Zoe” was pushed heavily in demand when the German government announced incentives for buying e-cars in June 2020. In that time, more people were searching for “Renault Zoe” more than “Tesla Model 3”.
  • The incentives seemed to work if we just look at the search demand before corona vs. after announcing the incentives: +20% in total searches for e-car models.
  • The newcomers that could probably beat that model 3 are the “VW ID3” and “VW ID4”. They have monthly growth rates of > 50%. The next weeks will be interesting. Currently if you sum up the demand of both VW models they are still behind Tesla’s Model 3 but this might change.