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Google Click ID (GCLID)

Full Guide: How to bring GCLID Offline Conversions to your Google Ads Account

GCLID offline conversions to Google Ads

Did you know that conversions can also happen offline? After a customer finds your company through your ad, they may visit a physical store of your company in person to make a purchase. If you want to have a bigger picture of how your ads are impacting your sales, it’s definitely worth considering the offline conversions as well.

Fetch GCLID from Google Analytics 4 API

GCLID data reports stored in Google Analytics can be fetched along with other metrics using the GA4 API. This process is easier than you think. All you need is a Google Analytics property where you store the GCLIDs and a few lines of code.

Fetch GCLID from Google Ads API

GCLID from Google Ads API

The Google Ads API helps export GCLIDs that are not accessible in the Google Ads interface. Using the Google Ads API reports, you can easily obtain the GCLIDs of those who clicked on your ads and use them to improve the efficiency of your campaigns and ads.

Microsoft Click ID (MSCLKID)

How to Store MSCLKID in Google Analytics 4

store MSCLKID in Google Analytics 4

Storing the MSCLKID in GA4 is important because it allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and understand how users interact with your website. You can use Google Analytics 4 reports along with the MSCLKID and use it to make decisions about your advertising campaigns.

How to Enable MSCLKID Tracking with Auto-tagging in Microsoft Ads

MSCLKID tracking with Auto-tagging Microsoft Ads

Auto-tagging is a feature in Microsoft Ads that automatically adds tracking parameters to the destination URLs of your ads. MSCLKID tracking allows you to track the performance of your ads. It provides detailed information about clicks, impressions, and conversions.

PPC Posts You May Have Missed

PPC Posts You May Have Missed This Month, December 2022

We’re highlighting some great posts regarding PPC every month so you won’t miss anything!

PhraseON-PPC at its best! 

PhraseON-PPC at its best! 

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