How can programmatic advertising be effective with ABM?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a scalable approach to increase conversions with focused targeting and personalization. Nevertheless, in the B2B sectors, the sales cycle is slower than in B2C. Programmatic ad tech comes into play as an innovative solution. With programmatic and ABM, B2B marketeers can rev and optimize their process.

This guide explains the power between programmatic and ABM.

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    How can programmatic advertising be effective with ABM

    What is account-based marketing?

    B2B marketeers aim to accurately target the ideal customer profile so that their ads can achieve conversion success. For this reason, ABM is a way to target B2B audiences with personalized strategies.

    ABM works well because you’re highly focused on your audience based on their right company profile or the right job titles. It delivers higher ROI (Return on Investment) than other types of marketing and significantly improves marketing and sales alignment.

    • Sales and marketing organizations are on the same page about customer strategies. They work together in harmony.
    • There is an ideal customer profile to determine high-value accounts.
    • You know how a new customer would move through the sales process. Thus, you can deliver a personalized experience.

    There are three ABM types, depending on the number of accounts you want to target.

    • One-to-one marketing: Strategic ABM
    • One-to-few marketing: ABM lite
    • One-to-many marketing: Programmatic ABM

    In this article, we only explain the relationship between programmatic and ABM.

    What is programmatic advertising

    Programmatic advertising automates the buying and selling of online ads. What are the four main components of programmatic? Demand Side Platform (DSP), Supply Side Platform (SSP) or Sell-Side Platform, Data Management Platform (DMP), Ad Exchanges. If you need more explanation, please read our “programmatic advertising for targeted marketing success” article. 

    Account-based marketing and programmatic

    Programmatic ABM is a type of account-based marketing. It uses technology to scale reach and personalization to target numerous accounts. This technology targets and serves relevant high-value ads to B2B audiences based on firmographics and personal-level data.

    First, this method groups accounts based on users’ geolocations, internet browsers, demographics, and customer behavior. That’s how marketing and sales teams can collaborate easily to reach success. Sales activities at a company can be focused on a specific segment with personalized content.

    Even though it allows for broader reach, it requires less customization than other types of ABM. That’s why the main purpose is to generate leads. Besides, there is no need to have big budgets or much time. So, programmatic ABM is also ideal for low-budget companies.

    Benefits of account-based marketing for programmatic

    You can optimize your campaigns and get insights to increase ROI using these two data-driven marketing techniques. Programmatic ABM helps you reduce CPC (Cost per Click), CPL (Cost per Lead), and CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) because it offers point-shot targeting. 

    In this way, you avoid spending time and money on irrelevant accounts. Instead, you create more personalized ads that fit your buyer personas. Therefore, you can boost conversions and leads and increase revenue. 

    However, is it suitable for all businesses? If you have large account lists and want to focus on key decision-makers within those companies, programmatic ABM may be your ideal solution.

    • Programmatic ABM offers precision and scalability, enabling targeted ad campaigns to achieve optimal results using firmographic data. 
    • Marketeers can track buyer’s journey progress and gain insights for audience segmentation and sales prioritization.
    • Customer acquisition is simplified by enabling personalized messaging, targeting both decision-makers and influencers for scalable campaigns.

    Programmatic ABM offers higher chance of success because of its active engagement with selected accounts. Highly targeted and personalized campaigns will ensure you win the right accounts. Lastly, decide on one of the programmatic ABM platforms that suits you based on price, functionality, and ease of use.

    Need customizable solution for your programmatic ABM strategies? 

    If you’re still looking for a more customizable solution, contact us. We build unique tools and scripts depending on your needs.

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