Top 5 IP fraud scoring tools

We have bad news for you. Fraudsters will never give up. However, if you use proper fraud detection solutions, you can keep fraudulent activity off your brand. IP scoring is one such method. Today, we’re sharing 5 IP fraud scoring tools to help you protect your brand and make smart decisions.

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    What’s an IP fraud score?

    The IP fraud score provides information about the quality and reliability of an address. You can identify risk factors and assign scores based on them. Therefore, the total score can range from 0 to 100. ​High score suggests that an IP address may be dangerous. That’s why, the IP fraud score is important for businesses because they minimize the risk of fake behaviors entering their website by calculating IP risk scores.

    Let’s say you find a suspicious IP address connecting to your system. Then what to do? Of course, it’s possible to reduce unauthorized access if the IP address has a high fraud score. Depending on the IP fraud score, you can deny, allow, or restrict access. On the other hand, if you want to block a risky IP address, you shouldn’t blacklist it directly since IP addresses are frequently dynamic and shared by multiple users. So, you may not want to block potential customers. Before adding an IP address to the blacklist, check its use against the speed rules.

    IP addresses that have been associated with bots and fraudsters in the past have a higher score and can be automatically blacklisted by providers. Basically, it’s about preventing malicious behavior.

    Top 5 IP fraud scoring tools


    Top 5 IP fraud scoring tools

    By searching for an IP address, you can see the fraud score of that IP. Besides, you can also see information like country, operator, proxy status, etc. It provides an explanation of the score along with the IP score. In addition, there are free and premium offers. Manual search is free. However, API pricing allows you 5,000 requests per month for free. Paid membership starts at $25 for 25,000 checks.

    IP Quality Score

    Top 5 IP fraud scoring tools

    With the IP Quality Score tool, you get detailed data about each IP, including ISP (Internet Service Provider), ASN (Autonomous System Numbers), time zone, hostname, geolocation, and risk analysis. Besides, this tool can be used to look up both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. If you also want to see bot status and abuse velocity data, you should have the paid version. Otherwise, you’ll see limited analysis and 5000 monthly API usage. It starts at $499.

    IP Lookup

    Top 5 IP fraud scoring tools

    This easy-to-use and free tool provides only the essential data. It scores on the intensity and frequency of malicious behavior. In other words, you can’t identify the risks. What makes it different from its paid competitors is that it also provides a map showing the location of the IP.


    Top 5 IP fraud scoring tools

    SEON offers several search tools as well as an IP search mode. Once you search for an IP, you get data about geolocation, ISP information, open port detection, spam deny lists and much more… There’s also information about how often the IP shows up on your site and when it was first and last seen. The good thing about SEON is that it can perform these checks on a large scale via an API call and deliver the results in less than 200 ms. This means that companies can easily track numerous IP addresses. Plus, it can give you recommendations based on your historical data using machine learning. You can try the tool for free for 14 days. The paid version costs from $299 per month.


    Top 5 IP fraud scoring tools

    MxToolBox offers different tools for different needs. However, the IP query tells you which blacklist an IP is on. You can run the IP query several times for free on the website. Moreover, you don’t need to register for it. Of course, for more detailed information and more usage, you need to purchase a paid membership. It starts at $129 per month.

    BONUS: IP2Location


    Are you looking to unlock the power of IP geolocation information for your business? Then IP2Location is exactly what you need! With its advanced technology, this innovative tool can determine the geographical location of any IP address without the user’s explicit consent.

    However, that’s not all—IP2Location offers different levels of granularity for its geolocation data, so you can customize the tool to your specific business needs. Besides, you can integrate it with any software platform you prefer with a database, access it via a REST API, or work with a software development kit.

    Best of all, with IP2Location, retrieving IP geolocation data isn’t only easy and fast, but also affordable. You don’t have to spend a fortune to take advantage of this powerful tool, starting at $49 per year. Still waiting?

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