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    How Google Search Generative experience is impacting ads — Search Engine Land

    How Google Search Generative Experience is impacting ads
    Source: SEJ

    How Google’s Search Generative Experience is reshaping the digital advertising?

    A recent study sheds light on the impact of Google’s Search Generative Experience on ad placements within search results, revealing a trend of ads appearing more frequently at the bottom, with top placements alongside SGE snippets. This analysis, derived from over 100,000 keywords across various niches, underscores the necessity for marketers to stay agile and adapt their strategies in response to these evolving dynamics.

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    A/B testing examples every PPC advertiser should try — WordStream

    A/B testing examples every PPC advertiser should try
    Source: Wordstream

    A/B testing is an invaluable tool that all marketeers should use for the most effective results.

    Explore three insightful examples—on/off sequential testing, geolocation testing, and A/B split testing— about how to implement these strategies effectively for enhanced campaign performance. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, allowing marketers to improve their ads to make the most impact.

    Here are the top three A/B testing examples to try in your PPC accounts. They’ll help you maximize your A/B testing success.

    • On/off, sequential testing
    • Geolocation testing
    • A/B split testing

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    Google is paying publishers to test an unreleased Gen AI platform — Adweek

    AI-generated content vs plagiarism: where do we draw the line?

    Google is changing how news is written in a surprising way.

    Through the Google News Initiative, select independent publishers are being enlisted to pilot a suite of unreleased generative AI tools. This partnership involves a significant exchange: publishers get five-figure sums to use public data sources for factual content. But this new collaboration raises questions about how to balance technology with being a good journalist.

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    6 tips for better PPC ad copy — Search Engine Land

    6 tips for better PPC ad copy
    An example of an ad that heavily uses the same keyword across its copy. Source: Search Engine Land

    It’s important to make PPC ads that reach and resonate with your target audience because it’s your chance to wow and persuade potential clients to check out their website.

    If the ad copy is “eh”, they may be less likely to engage with your business again. If you’re searching for more ideas to do so. Here are six things advertisers can do to write more effective ad copy.

    1. Ensure it flows in any order
    2. Don’t just speak to your target audience, speak like them
    3. Don’t go overboard with your keywords
    4. Help people “self-qualify”
    5. Focus on what makes you different
    6. Don’t neglect assets

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    Try these PPC strategies for your B2B Business in 2024 — Search Engine Journal

    Value-based bidding in Google Ads

    It’s not a dream to create effective PPC strategies in your business. Just all you need to do is learn how to navigate changes in AI and data privacy.

    The growth in artificial intelligence (AI) and a continued emphasis on data privacy are reverberating across our industry, leaving many advertisers wondering what to do in this time of change. With these three strategies, your business can easily handle changes in 2024:

    1. Use video marketing for more than brand awareness
    2. Continue to test AI-powered campaigns and creative tools
    3. Don’t forget the classics

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    Evolving Google Analytics for more insightful measurement — Google Blog

    Evolving Google Analytics for more insightful measurement
    Key events in the user acquisition report of Google Analytics. Source: Google Blog

    An update to Google Analytics 4 will provide marketeers with more insightful measurement tools and a consistent view of conversions across Google Ads and Analytics.

    So, what are the new updates? Key events will now replace conversions in behavioral analytics, ensuring consistency in the definition of conversions across Google Ads and Analytics. Additionally, the update brings cross-channel conversion reporting into the Advertising workspace in GA4, offering a more integrated and comprehensive view of conversion metrics.

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    Google Demand Gen vs. Google Display: When to use which? — OPTMYZR

    Source: OPTMYZR

    Important results were obtained by comparing Google Demand Generation (Demand Gen) with regular Google Display campaigns.

    The study presents insights gleaned from a study conducted to evaluate the efficacy of both types of advertising campaigns in promoting ADworld Experience video-recording sales. The test involved setting the same budget for about 30 days, using the same content and targeting options for both campaign types. The article concludes with recommendations on when to use each campaign type based on the goals, such as driving low-cost, well-targeted traffic or achieving conversions at an acceptable cost with more hands-on optimization.

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    New PPC ad format from Google — X

    Strategies to lower your cost-per-conversion

    Google is testing a new PPC ad format, but advertisers are worried because there aren’t enough details about its functionality or impact.

    First of all, Google doesn’t explain how the format works and how it affects auctions. That’s why digital marketeers highlight frustration with the lack of transparency surrounding updates to ad technologies. They say that clear communication is the best way to better adapt to changes. Concerns also extend to the format’s effects on performance metrics, with advertisers seeking clarity on monitoring and optimization strategies. Google acknowledges the format is experimental, with further details pending.

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    Becoming a world-class PPC ad buyer — Search Engine Land

    Source: SEJ

    What is the secret to creating high-performing campaigns?

    In PPC advertising, the skills and knowledge of ad buyers directly impact campaign success and ROI. What makes excellent ad buyers different from good ones? To become a successful ad buyer, you need to overcome obstacles, make mistakes, and learn important lessons.

    1. Invest your money in ads
    2. Don’t just test, extract learnings
    3. Understand industry nuances
    4. Master CRO and funnel dynamics
    5. Build and engage with your community
    6. Seek inspiration beyond ads
    7. Develop your mind
    8. Embrace continuous improvement

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    5 ways to audit & optimize your campaigns to boost results — Search Engine Journal

    Google Ads for B2B

    Here are tips to help you succeed with Google Ads. Audit, optimize, and target the right audience to increase ROI and conversions.

    Are your PPC campaigns not achieving the desired results? Can’t find where the error is? Especially, small business owners competing for search visibility against the big spenders can make it difficult to manage their campaigns successfully. A Google Ads campaign needs a lot of work to be effective.

    The most common causes for underperforming Google Ads:

    • Missing or incorrect audience targeting.
    • Lack of proper conversion tracking setup.
    • Irrelevant or poorly targeted search terms/keywords.
    • Failure to establish negative keywords.
    • No connection to Google Business pages.

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