What are the top digital marketing trends that businesses should be implementing in 2024?

Are you sure your marketing efforts are still driving results?

If your company loses value, it could mean you’re missing something. Haven’t tried new technologies and trends yet? Maybe, that’s the problem.

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    What are the top digital marketing trends that businesses should be implementing in 2023?

    Leverage data-driven advertising strategies

    Although the world today is more competitive, companies are luckier. Because big data sets allow companies to effectively understand their customers. By regularly analyzing this data, they can create campaigns that match their customers’ pain points, wishes, and desires. This process, of course, also increases ROI.

    ⚠️ However, users have a concern about personal data collected by companies. After users began to voice them, the European Union regulated data privacy and security for its citizens. Since then, companies have introduced new privacy policies. For example, Google is removing third-party cookies. 

    The top digital marketing trends in 2023 that can increase your ROI

    Omnichannel Marketing: Adopting omnichannel marketing for seamless customer experiences

    A satisfying user experience every time increases customer loyalty. To achieve this, you should provide a consistent and integrated customer experience across multiple platforms (website, social media, email, app, voice assistant, etc.) Basically, we call this omnichannel marketing.

    • Observe the customer journey to better understand the user experience. Get valuable insights into their behavior, thinking, and feelings during their buying journey. That is, focus on a comprehensive experience.
    • Optimize your website for mobile and tablets.
    • It’s important to use push notifications in a balanced way.  Otherwise, it’s annoying.

    AI for Business: Artificial intelligence for personalization and automation

    Can you “really” connect with your audience? No, we’re not talking about collecting demographic data. Do you know their hobbies? Do you know what they care about? Once you understand these insights, creating campaigns that deliver surefire conversions will be much easier.

    To do this, AI can be your big helper. It enables marketeers to predict consumer behavior and buying patterns, optimize their workflows, automate marketing efforts, and more. This high-tech offers businesses a high personalization opportunity. For example, do you like waiting minutes to chat with customer service? Probably not. That’s why companies are automating their tasks with AI chatbots. Thanks to this technology, they can offer personalized experiences.

    Besides, you can get benefit from lead scoring to approach most important leads. Of course, every lead has not the same rank. For example, if a lead has already tried your demo on the website, this lead has more rank than a lead who has only visited the website.

    Influencer Marketing: Gen Z pays attention to the idea of influencers when buying

    People are always more inclined to follow the advice of someone they trust. That’s the effect influencers have on their followers. According to Hubspot’s Consumer Trends Survey, Generation Z buys a product based on an influencer’s recommendation. They even place more value on influencers than on the advice of friends and family when making purchasing decisions.

    • With influencer marketing, you can drive traffic, expand brand awareness, generate leads, and boost your credibility.
    • Working with a celebrity influencer is over budget? Invest in a micro-influencer. Although they have fewer followers, they can have higher engagement. Besides, people are more likely to trust micro-influencers eventually. Because they see micro-influencers as one of them.

    Video Marketing: Embracing video and visual content for higher engagement

    In marketing, videos get the users’ attention easier. How possible is it? In the first place, they help convey emotions and communicate messages faster and more clearly than text. Brands can use AI to create personalized videos and images that resonate well with their target audience.

    That’s true. Long-form videos can provide more information about a product, brand, or service, but short-form videos can be even more effective. Besides, short-form videos have the highest return on investment.

    • Why wouldn’t you include live streaming in your influencer marketing strategy? Live streaming allows potential customers to interact with influencers who are familiar with the product. This process can help complete the buying phase.
    • Visual storytelling and interactive content can help capture attention and engage followers.

    You can create enjoyable and eye-catching industry videos for your channel using PEMAVOR’s free Search Trends Chart Generator.

    Social Media Commerce: Customer servicing is more fun now

    Social media DM strategies are becoming increasingly popular. Have you reached out to customer service via DM? That’s what Generation Z is doing now.

    Social media applications are constantly improving their e-commerce capabilities. Using these tools is a great ROI for businesses. 

    Social Responsibility: Driving growth through internal sustainability efforts

    Consumers today value transparency, sustainability, and social responsibility. If companies address these issues, they can have a stronger influence on their target group’s purchasing decisions. Generation Z especially wants companies to take a stand on social issues like racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, gender inequality, and climate change.

    • Make sustainability part of your growth policies and marketing strategies. In this way, you can increase your brand’s reputation. You’ll also appeal to environmentally and socially conscious consumers.

    Blogging and SEO: 

    Blogging is still one of the most used marketing strategies.

    Blogs are great for driving customer engagement and potentially contributing to conversions. They’re also discoverable by search engines. After all, websites with robust blogs have greater search potential. However, Google is also changing its algorithms. Now experience, expertise, authority and trustworthiness are more important.

    • Link Building is one of the most effective SEO tactics: After writing shareable article or creating very helpful content, you may get organic links from other websites or you can try to reach out to other blogs or brands to give backlinks to your content on their website. Link building helps increase the credibility and ranking of your website.
    • Optimizing already published articles can generate new traffic: When you search for something on Google, you see thousands of articles about it, but they’re mostly kind of the same. It’s boring, right? You can’t rank in the search engine by typing the same topic in the same format. That is, you should produce better and valuable content for your target audience. Moreover, optimizing your published articles is also a great way to get quick results on search engines.

    ⚠️ According to the Hubspot blog marketing industry trends report, marketeers plan to stop using NFTS, voice search optimization, VR/AR, and cut-out marketing in the metaverse and audio chat rooms in 2023.

    Work with right marketeers

    If catching and implementing the latest marketing trends is challenging, it’s understandable. That’s why industries have professionals. The right marketeers (no matter hiring someone or collaborating with an agency) drive business growth and success. Make a deal with someone or an agency that understands your brand persona. First of all, you can start examining their effectiveness with their marketing portfolios. You can have an idea about their work style, previous experience, and their expertise. Then, you can take the meeting to the next level.


    Needless to say, those who make a data-driven-fast-track effort will be the winners of 2023. Moreover, understanding the target audience is an important part of producing valuable content.

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