IP2Location: IP lookup with detailed geolocation

An online bookstore can suggest books based on your local weather conditions—cozy mysteries during a snowstorm or adventurous tales on a sunny day. How does a website know exactly where you are and show spot-on offers?

By magic? Digital wizardry is what we call sophisticated technologies. Having IP information unlock many valuable insights. With this data, advertisers can create more personalized content or boost their online security.

Today, we want to introduce IP2Location, which transforms how IP detections make user interactions more relevant and secure.

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    Why do you need IP geolocation?

    Without accurate IP geolocation, some businesses may face challenges in creating personalization or defending their websites from fraudulent activities. If you need location-based customization, you shouldn’t miss the right geographical data. Besides, IP addresses serve as a valuable tool in the fight against fraud. Their ability to provide geolocation data, detect proxies and VPNs, and analyze user behavior patterns helps fraud detection efforts a lot.

    Shortly, you might need IP geolocation data for content customization, fraud prevention, legal compliance, network optimization, customer service, and targeted market insights.

    How does IP2Location work?

    IP2Location unlocks the power of IP geolocation information. Without user consent, it effortlessly determines locations. 

    How IP2Location simplifies geolocation tasks:

    • Rich data points: It shows valuable insights about user IP — country, region, city, latitude/longitude, ZIP code, and time zone.
    • Flexibility in integration: It provides a comprehensive database or a dynamic API to fit your technical needs.
    • Regular updates for accuracy: It often updates the data to make sure it’s accurate and reliable.

    Who Benefits from IP2Location?

    • E-commerce websites can create customized offerings to match shopper locations. 
    • Online gaming platforms can connect players in similar time zones to reduce latency issues.
    • Digital marketeers can tailor campaigns to local tastes and preferences.

    Setting up IP2Location for your business

    In the free version, you can perform up to 200 IP lookups daily. Besides, you’ll have seamless support for both IPv4 and Ipv6 addresses. Plus, you can also access other free tools and databases including traceroute, email tracer, country databases, country flags, and more. 

    • Create a new account to have Demo Account 200 (DMAC).
    • Check your email to verify.
    • Login to your account to run IP address lookup.

    Before purchasing upper versions, you can try the free 7-day access to “advanced geolocation data”, “complete proxies’ data”, “advertising category” and so on. Then, you can upgrade your plan anytime by choosing the “web service” from the “products” section with the best option that suits you. 

    Why should you choose IP2Location?

    IP2Location stands out with its valuable data points, from the basics (like country or city) to more advanced details (like ISP or connection type). This detailed information enables a tailored approach to content delivery and user interaction. 

    Besides, the tool’s flexibility is another major plus. Whether you prefer a database for batch processing or an API for real-time queries, it caters to both needs seamlessly. Moreover, with high accuracy and often updates, it ensures that your decisions are based on the latest, most reliable geolocation information. That’s why, IP2Location positions itself as an indispensable ally.


    This tool is not just about knowing where users are; it’s about understanding them better and serving them more effectively. So, you can turn geolocation data into actionable insights. The decision to integrate IP2Location into your digital strategy is a step towards smarter, more secure, and customer-centric business practices.

    Let’s visit the website, sign up for a trial.

    Frequently asked questions

    How many countries are included in the IP2Location geolocation database?

    It supports 249 countries. 

    What’s the accuracy rate in general?

    It has over 99.5% accuracy in country level detection and >75% accuracy at city level. And, the inaccuracy is due to the dynamic IP address allocation by large ISPs such as AOL, MSN TV and other proxies. 

    What happens to unused queries?

    The unused queries will be rolled over to the next month just once during the upgrade.

    What is the IP2Location database format? 

    The database format is known as Comma Separated Values (CSV). 

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