FREE Tool: Daily Monitoring Of PageSpeed Insights

A lot of people are using PageSpeed Insights in these days to improve their website speed. Every change on your website (e.g. new Plugins, Updates, etc.) can affect the Page Speed in a negative way. For that reason we build a small solution that is automating the job for us on a daily basis – Totally FREE with Google Sheets + Apps Script + PageSpeed Insights API.

Make use of PageSpeed Insights API, Google Apps Script and Google Sheets to build a FREE Daily Monitoring Solution

To set up your own page speed monitoring solution please follow these steps:

  1. Make a copy of the Spreadsheet
  2. Enter the URLs that should be monitored: You can add more than one URL – I recommend to also add your main competitors to see how they are doing. Maybe this gives you also some arguments when you gave to discuss with your IT department. Because there is an execution time limit on Apps Script I would recommend to go not higher than 20 URLs in your list.
  3. Create an API Key for the Page Speed Insights and copy it in the sheet. Here you can create a free API key.
  4. Go to “Check-PageSpeed” Menu Item in the Spreadsheet:
    • “Run Manually”: Force a new run for every URL in your list
    • “Enable Scheduler”: Create an automated job to fetch page speed data every day
Schedule Daily Runs for PageSpeed Insights Data and append it to a google sheet

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