Limitations of Google Analytics 4: Where Google Analytics 4 falls short

Hello, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), bye-bye old version web analytics. With advanced tracking capabilities, GA4 provides more valuable insights for website and mobile applications. 

Starting July 1, GA4 has already replaced Universal Analytics (UA). Are you still using UA? If a website hasn’t migrated to GA4 by July 1, it will no longer be able to collect new data. Besides, this UA data will still be available for six months, but after that, it’ll be deleted. That is, you have to migrate to GA4.

Despite its advanced measuring and tracking capabilities, the GA4 has some limitations—just like any other tool. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key limitations.

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    Limitations of Google Analytics 4

    Configuration limits 

    Item:Limit per property:
    PropertiesA Google Analytics account can have up to 50 properties.
    Data streamsEach property can have up to 50 data streams.
    Maximum audience size
    The maximum audience size for export to Google Ads or Display & Video 360 is 10 million users.
    Custom insights50
    User-scoped custom dimensions25
    Event-scoped custom dimensions50
    Event-scoped custom metrics50
    Registered custom conversion events30
    Data retentionUp to 14 months
    Explorations200 created per user, 500 shared
    Explore sampling limits10M events per query
    Ads links400

    Event collection limits

    Distinctly named events500 per app user per day (for app data streams only).
    There is no limit on the number of distinctly named events for web data streams.
    Automatically collected events and enhanced measurement events do not count toward the limits.
    Length of event name40 characters
    Event parameters per event25 event parameters
    Item-scoped parameters per eventIn addition to the prescribed item-scoped parameters for each recommended ecommerce event, you can include up to 27 item-level custom parameters in an ecommerce event.
    Length of event-parameter name40 characters

    GA4 doesn’t process or save events, event parameters, or user properties that exceed these limits. 

    IMPORTANT: You should always check up-to-date information about limitations on the official Google Analytics documentation. 


    Transition challenges

    GA4 is designed to be the future standard, but the transition is still time-consuming. Google provides a helpful tool for the process, but it may be insufficient for businesses with an extensive migration process. For example, changes in the data schema and event tracking methodology usually cause this challenge.

    Limited customization options

    GA4 has fewer customization options and integrations. The new event model in GA4 focuses on event parameters rather than custom dimensions and metrics. Therefore, this change may restrict data segmentation and analysis. Besides, we don’t see some of UA’s advanced features, limiting customization and data analysis.

    Data sampling 

    GA4 uses a different data processing model involving more extensive data sampling. Sampling is necessary to handle large data sets. However, GA4’s sampling may result in less accurate insights and limited visibility into users’ behavior, particularly when analyzing specific segments or smaller subsets of data.

    Learning curve

    GA4 has a steeper learning curve than UA. That’s why marketeers and analysts who have spent years mastering the intricacies of UA may find the transition to GA4 challenging. 

    If your team needs additional time and GA4 resources for upskilling about new user interfaces and terminology, take your time. On the other hand, this learning curve can impact the efficiency and productivity of businesses that heavily rely on Google Analytics for data-driven decision-making. Therefore, teams have limited time to adapt to changes and learn new GA4 structures. 


    • Google will continue to develop GA4 and address these limitations. 
    • Therefore, stay up-to-date to minimize potential disadvantages.
    • In the end, you can maximize the benefits of GA4 for all that limitations.

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