How to leverage offline conversions to boost Google bidding performance

If you only track online conversions, you may miss out something of your customers’ journey. That’s why offline conversions give a more complete picture of how your ads are performing. 

For example, a customer might click on your ad and then call your store to make a purchase. If you’re not tracking offline conversions, you won’t see that this customer converted, even though your ad was the one that brought them to your store.

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    How to leverage offline conversions to boost Google bidding performance

    What are offline conversions?

    Offline conversions occur outside your website, such as phone calls, in-store purchases, and lead form submissions. Although it’s difficult to follow, it isn’t impossible. For businesses using Google Ads, offline conversions are just as important as online conversions.

    By tracking offline conversions, you can optimize your campaigns more effectively. When you know which keywords and ads are driving offline conversions, you can focus your budget on those areas. This can lead to a big improvement in your ROI (Return on Investment).

    How to track offline conversions in Google Ads

    You can track offline conversions in two ways. First, you can upload a CSV file or sync your CRM data with Google Ads. Of course, manual monitoring is time-consuming. If you have a larger number of offline conversions, instead of a manual process, you can automatically track offline conversions from various sources such as your website, a CRM system, and a sales system.

    How to leverage offline conversions to boost Google bidding performance

    • Define two elements so that the algorithms can optimize for the target audience with the highest value. First, qualified leads that enter the sales pipeline. Another is the segments that close the biggest deals-the highest value leads.
    • Pairing automated bidding and offline conversion data helps you to optimize your campaigns and bid when you’re more likely to get that offline conversion action.
    • You may not sell products or services directly through the website. To better calculate your income from ad spend, you need to track offline conversions. ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) determines how much revenue you generate for every dollar you spend on ads. By comparing the ROAS of different campaigns, you can understand which campaigns are performing better. In this way, you can clearly see how you’ll use your advertising budget.
    • Integrate your advertising campaigns with your CRM data. Therefore, you can better optimize your campaigns to increase potential customers who are ready to buy. By analyzing your offline conversion data, you can understand which keywords and ads generate the most leads. This may help you to ensure that it’s bidding the right amount for each keyword and ad, which resulted in a decrease in your CPC (Cost per Conversion).

    Let’s say, you have a keyword that drives many leads. Although this keyword is efficient, depending on your offline data, it mightn’t generate any Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), Opportunities (Opps), or Wins. After also analyzing your offline data, you can focus on your best-performing keywords. 

    How to implement offline conversion tracking

    You can integrate CRM systems, call tracking solutions or other offline conversion measurement tools into Google Ads through some tools. This integration is possible through GCLIDs (Google Click ID). It’s an assigned value for each user who clicks on an ad. Besides, make sure your GCLID values are captured and passed to your CRM. And read more about “how to bring GCLID offline conversions to your Google Ads account”.

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    To achieve your campaigns work better, you need to fix underperforming parts. For this reason, it’s important to create the right target audience. Without offline conversion data, it’ll be challenging, and you’ll waste time and money on unqualified potential customers. Always, make more informed decisions about your campaigns.

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