Performance Marketing Software

We love data. We love coding. We are deep experts in performance marketing. Bringing everything together enables us to build great performance marketing tools.

We want to share our best practices with you out of big client projects in PPC, SEO and Display. Don’t reinvent the wheel and have a look at our Software Solutions!

SEA Plan

Stop wasting your budgets for search queries that are unlikely to bring you value. We show you new money keywords where you can spend those savings to generate efficient growth.


We are building software solutions for our big customers since years. They all have in common that they are highly data driven and rely on automation to be scalable. We share with you those best practices – have a look at our ready to use software services!

SEA Plan

Stop wasting your budgets for search queries that are unlikely to bring you value. We show you new money keywords where you can spend those savings to generate efficient growth.

Read also about the research behind our software solutions:

Keyword Negativation

Have a look at our posts about negative keywords

Keyword Clustering and Grouping

Read more about different approaches to cluster keywords in SEO and PPC.

GDN Placement Optimization

Read more about Google Display Placements and how to optimize them.

Python in Online Marketing

Find many examples of how to use Python for SEO and PPC.

PPC and SEO Keyword Research

Read more about scripts and tools to scale your keywords.

Google Ads Automation

Automate your Google Ads Account by using Google Ads Scripts.

Content Analysis

Approaches to applying NLP to SEO and PPC problems.

Learn more about PEMAVOR’s holistic solutions and choose your plan.


No internal developer resources available for your marketing projects?

Is your analytics department always busy and has no time for your questions? Maybe we are a good fit to partner with to build you a solution for your pain points.

We have a big repository of reusable code for a lot of common performance marketing problems – here is a list of some areas where we made marketing teams happy in the past:

Lead Scoring

Identify the set of your leads where you should focus on running your sales actions.

Google Ads Audits

You need a second opinion on your current account structure? We have lots of automated audits.

Data Visualization

Tell a story with your data and make the user understand what the numbers mean!

Google Ads Script

We have a huge repository of Google Ads scripts for Google Ads automation tasks.

Website Scraping

Data extraction of web resources like website content, competitor prices.

Data Transfers

Import, Export and Transformations of your data between different formats and systems.

Machine Learning AI

We build custom models for your performance marketing use cases like Google Ads bidding, etc.

Data Enrichments

Make use of different data sources to better understand your website visitors or existing customers.


We love to build solutions for recurring problems and tasks in SEO and PPC and we also want to share some of our approaches with you. No Email Signups. No daily usage limits. Just get your problems solved with small online tools.

Keyword Grouping Tool

Grouping keywords together should be part of every keyword research process to better understand topics. We provide a small online tool for doing some basic keyword clustering.

Autocomplete Keyword Tool

With our free scraper tool, you can select the autocomplete suggestions of YouTube, Google Shopping and Google News.  If you want to get more insights in the different search intents of the users, you should have a look at all autocomplete sources. Our smart approach for showing search intent N-Grams will give you those insights right away.

Keyword N-Gram Tool

Running N-Gram analysis on your keyword data will give you some new insights. Use it for negative keyword extraction or new keyword topic ideas. Have a look at our free online tool for keyword N-Grams.

Keyword Topic Builder

Use the right keywords to make your pages appear for specific queries and help more people find your page. Use our innovative Keyword Topic Builder tool to create topics with relevant keywords that are autocomplete from Google, Bing, and YouTube to find what users are looking for.

HTTP Status Code Checker

HTTP Status Code Checker allows you to query the HTTP status code that the web server returns when requesting a URL. It works with HTTP and HTTPS URLs. With our tool, you can instantly get valuable information about a URL and its HTTP status.

GCLID Decoder

The Google Click Identifier (GCLID) is a unique tracking parameter automatically appended to URLs when users click on a Google Ad. GCLID Decoder allows you to decode GCLID parameter just in seconds. Paste your Google Click ID and get the details on Char length, timestamp, GMT date, and local date.

Display Placement IP Grouper

Fraud is a big problem in Google Display Network. Group GDN placements by IP Address will show you some bad performing networks of websites you should add as negative placement.

Search Trends Chart Generator

A race chart is the best way to visualize the change in trends over time. They provide holistic data. Visualizing data helps target audiences understand information and observe the changes without much effort. You can bring search trends to life with engaging visual race charts. Just try the Search Trends Chart Generator for free.

All Free Tools

We have some more tools that we built for recurring problems and tasks in SEO and PPC such as Looker Studio Query Builder, Sitemap Content Analyzer, Close Variant Analyzer, Product Keyword Extractor and Search Trends Table Generator. No Email Signups required and no daily usage limits. Just get your problems solved with small online tools.