Google Looker Studio Query Builder

Free Google Looker Query Builder

Create queries in just a few seconds. Add your keywords and get your code.


Automated keyword clustering

Effortlessly group keywords. No need to have coding knowledge.

Time-saving solution

Skip manual query creation and focus on analyzing data.

Regex Creator for Keyword Classification


New Category

New Category

Apply categories on
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How to use Google Looker Query Builder

1) Create your categories

Click on New Category and type your category name. On our tool, there is no limit to create new categories.


2) Add new keywords

Then, you can add keywords to each category. Again, there is no limit to adding new keywords.

3) Copy your output 

At the final step, copy the output. Then go to Looker Studio to paste it.

Why should you use Google Looker Query Builder?

User-friendly experience

Anyone, even if you have no coding skills, can use this tool. It’s super easy and zero complicated. Its plain interface makes it accessible to all users.

Efficiency boost

Thanks to automating code building, you can reduce your manual work. That is, you can better spend your time on other tasks..

No code knowledge needed

This tool generates automatically codes for Looker Studio. That means you don’t even need to have writing code ability. Sounds practical, right?

What are the benefits of using Google Looker Query Builder?


Efficiency in keyword classification

The tool allows you to quickly group your keywords to turn them into a code for Looker Studio. This saves time and effort.


Streamlined data analysis

By automating code generation query building, the tool streamlines data analysis. This allows them to focus on understanding the data instead of struggling with complex code.

What is keyword grouping?

Keyword grouping is a list of related keywords based on user search intent. This way, you can create a more effective content plan and double your SEO efforts. However, you should classify your words based on relevance, not randomly. Having trouble grouping keywords? Check out our free Keyword Grouping Tool. First, get your keyword groupings with this tool and then code with Google Looker Query Builder here.

What is Looker Studio?

Looker Studio is a data connectivity and analytics solution that helps you work more efficiently and realize the full potential of your data. It’s Google’s product, a new face of Data Studio. You can create dashboards and reports using different data sources. You can access it on any browser and collaborate on projects in real-time. Besides, Looker Studio has 21 connectors and over 700 partner connectors.

Try PEMAVOR’s Free Google Looker Query Builder

Let’s create your keyword groupings and get your code in seconds. Data analyzing will be easier on Looker Studio.